Welcome to Knack Ardour

Knack Ardour is  a Talent and Business Management   Community working towards providing space to Creative Talents and support Business Promotion and Management. Under our Talent Section, we are providing Author Promotion Plans in which we promote the Authors and also help them in getting Published.

Under the Business Management Section, we promote the Businesses from different fields. We also provide Business Support Solutions in this plan under which we help them in the Business Requirements with the help of certain initiatives taken together with Associate Partners.


Business Promotion

Business Promotion (Corporate Membership) is a plan initiated to promote up the emerging businesses. We promote out these businesses and the services offered by them.

Talent Promotion

We provide up a Creative Platform to all the Budding Talents. Right now, we are focusing on the talents from the field of Writing and Designing.

A Destination

We help the emerging Talents in Reaching to a destination. We help them in making their creativity to the next level which defines them. 🙂 

Know us

We are a team of dedicated young entrepreneurs working towards Talent Management and Business Management. Our mission is to provide best deserving platform to the Creative Talents from different fields. We are now providing Author Promotion Plan under which we Promote and Feature Authors and also help them in getting Published at right place.

We are also working hand in hand with emerging as well as settled businesses. We provide Business Promotion to the Businesses, under which we promote the Businesses and also help them in managing the Business Requirements and run smoother.