6 ways to encourage the budding talents in your company

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In every organisation, there are different stages of people performing different roles inside the businesses. Each person performing at different stages are at different levels of their career growth. The companies have the budding talents: The Interns, then the Fresher with basic knowledge, and then we have Experienced ones.

Though having the different sets of experiences, we should expect the same tasks to be performed by them. This should be according to their skills and expertise of the individuals. For example, what can we expect from a new Intern who has recently started his Internship Journey? We can expect a little as they are at beginning stage of their career. 

The businesses work pressure and process flow sometimes becomes difficult for the budding talents to learn and grow. Therefore, while welcoming the newbies in organisation, we should also develop learn and growth culture.

Now, how can we develop learn and grow culture for the budding talents in our country?

Well, here are 6 ways to develop learning and growth culture. This will not only give them a career growth but also encourage them to do better:

1. Make their roots stronger:

Introduce them with the basics of their work which they have to perform. Make them learn each and every focus areas so that they can understand it in a better way. If the talents are in large numbers, they you can delegate this task. You can assign this task to the experienced employees of the respective department, say a Team Leader/Project Manager.

2. Focus on their execution:

Once they come to understand the focused areas, then provide them training to bring their roles into execution. Training requires lots of time and cost. But we should not worry about it and be available to provide right solution to each of their problems. Just like every budding talent, they will be doing a lot of mistakes in execution and therefore, we must provide them proper solution and soft support instead of getting fire on them.

So many of the Founders (mostly in small businesses) are rigid with their plans, and they don’t accept mistakes.  They give them warning instead of giving them the solution. They do not provide them a chance or meaningful solutions so that they can fix their issues and correct it. Instead, they fire them in case of such 2-3 warnings.

3. Performance Evaluation and Feedback:

The only mission of every talent is to learn and grow. If they will not get a proper feedback on the basis of their performance, then it will be difficult for them to analyze their performance and grow further. Therefore, the work performed by the budding talents must be evaluated and given a rating.

After each and every evaluation of the performance, the respective authority must provide them feedback/rating of their work performed.

However, a proper guidance and support along with their feedback/rating will provide them a way to perform better and increase their performance. Therefore, it is equally important for the managers to provide them proper guidance/ ideas to enhance their performance and grow further.

4. Assignments and Projects:

Most of the brands only involve their budding talents in performing their job roles, and this is what which blocks their creativity. In order to enhance their skills and make them more creative, it is also important to introduce them with different innovative assignments and projects which can make them develop themselves.

This will allow them to think out of the box and bring best results.

Not only it will help them in getting better development but it will also be fruitful for the organisation. A unique creativity and innovation developed during the assigned tasks, can give a good shape to both the organisation and the Fresher.

Therefore, we should give them innovative and creative project works which is associated with their job role. For Example, for Marketing Interns, we can give them an assignment to “analyze how our product can attract the large audience and which different channels we can use to make our product accessible to them?”

5. Allow them to speak freely:

If they want to make some changes in business strategies and goals, then allow them to speak freely and listen to them. If the things sound good, then consider making the changes, and reward them. And if it didn’t, then appreciate them for focusing on such aspects and sharing it with you. This will allow them to continue thinking without any sadness or regrets that their ideas are not taken into action. This positive move will instead make them eager to think and develop new valuable ideas which can be more profitable.

6. Create a positive environment for them:

The most important thing is to build a positive environment for them so that their confusions and fear gets turned in the confidence. In order to build a positive work environment, we need to go hand in hand with them, and provide them a stronger vision with more energy so that their confidence levels build up, and they continue to think and act positively.

We need to closely associate with them so that every of their doubts gets cleared and what remains in the positive attitude. Do not scold them on negative results, but instead teach them positively how they can change their negative into positive results.

Once the roots of negativity get washed away, their mind will get driven towards the positive side and which will bring positive results for sure.

And the last thing to do is to keep rewarding and appreciating them for every best contribute made by them. This will not only make them perform far better, but also encourage others to do better.

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