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4 Years At Knack Ardour!

Before I should begin this post, I really want to introduce you to some of the key persons of my life. 


To my GrandFather Late Babban Prasad Verma, who was really a man of ideas and values. We used to spend a lot of time in the temples with his other friends. It was always a discussion full of different thought processes. Much more than this, he taught us lots of values that no book can teach! 


My Principal Late D.K. Sir, he was the first person to encourage me to pursue my talents. He was one of the principal sources of valuable lessons of life. He wished me a secure success and blessed me with his lessons and ideology. 


It’s all because of his wishes, blessings, and a green pen signature on July 17, 2010. From then till his existence, he always helped with a lot of impossible things. 

The most outstanding teachers M.M. Rahman Sir and Akhileshwar Mishra Sir who are also main sources of shaping me as a person. Whatever values we deliver today, it's all because of the deep-rooted supports.

How Knack Ardour Started?

It all started on April 1, 2017. 


Every down tour is a new beginning and that’s how we started Knack Ardour.  A wings to a new age management consulting company. 


We have seen many businesses die an immature death and that’s what exactly happened. 80% of the businesses which started together are no where existing today. 


Back then, I met with a lot of businesses across India. They all were facing challenges in different segments. Someone was dealing with business functional issues others were tolerating their co-founder’s attitude. 


When we joined the committee, we were around 90 partners. But after 1 year, the number came to just 15! This condition forced me to research and look after the reasons for business failures. 


Even before coming into the corporate life, I have always given importance to management values. So I looked into management solutions for these problems. This is how Knack Ardour was born.


Building a business is all about building a character. When you build a business, you should also focus on building a good character. 

An insight into our starting journey

It became too messy when we came to provide consulting solutions. I always wanted to identify the key problems to solutions. We experimented with a lot of techniques and trends before we can build our solutions. So everything was not built up in a single go. It took us months to prepare ourselves.


We came into the picture, it took us time to make business understand why they need consulting solutions. Most of the entrepreneurs felt that they are good at management and they do not need consulting solutions. 


Many felt that they are good at multiple activities. They used to carry multiple activities together. We were in the market but with little or less importance. It took us more than a year to actually run like a serious business.


We had to overcome a lot of challenges like above. But fortunately the time came. Businesses have realised the importance of this industry. We overcame all the attitude problems.

We made our businesses feel that they should focus on their core business and leave their other projects onto us. We assured that we will be providing end to end solutions. So they just need to relax and focus on the key areas. 


We did it! We made it happen! It was challenging to create a space between the segments. We won the trust of our clients and received many new projects. 

The Problems We Faced Since Our Beginning

Multiple types of problems came in our way. We dealt with all standing on the base of management consulting. We have made continuous upgrades in our solutions. 


Today, we are experts in providing 3 solutions: team outsourcing, brand building and content consulting.

Our Journey And Achievements Till Today

The Journey Has Just Began!

Starting as a self business, today we are 52 members. Our solutions have received many appreciations from our clients. We have always respected our clients' business like our own. We started from Indore, but now we are actively operating in Kolkata and Patna


Our Academic Internship Program stands different across the region. The solutions we deliver are also unique in itself. This makes us one of the best management consulting company in our region. 


The Story Behind our Academic Internship Program

Academic Internship Program is an opportunity for every student who wishes to learn and grow in a corporate environment. Many students have always struggled for a perfect internship. It was very less in numbers and only limited to top colleges. 


We wanted to create a program in such a manner which can provide a high level internship to all college students. Coming from a regional college background, I am well aware of difficulties in securing a good internship. We have created a similar program to help students succeed in their careers.


In our Academic Internship Program, we value students skills above caste, religion, gender, race, colour, etc. So far we have trained 250+ interns under this program.


You can learn more about our Academic Internship program by clicking here.

From Physical Existence to Digital Revolution

Knack Ardour was primarily managed in offline mode as our clients were proactive offline much more than online. But later on, we switched to online mode and also made our past clients switch to technology. 


We are still in the way of leveraging digital technology at our capacity. We are working in fully online mode with the latest technology and app integrations. 


Stay tuned with us to check out our latest updates. 

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We’d love to keep you updated with our latest news and offers 😎

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