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About Knack Ardour

Knack Ardour is a growing Management Consulting based in India. We started in the year 2017 and served around 50+ businesses across India. We are expertise in team building and brand building solutions. 

How We Started Knack Ardour?

Miles to go with a kickstart

On Septemer 22nd 2016, I became able to see the name "Aayush Verma" printed in the dream cover page.

The starting career of every profession is like cracking iron nuts. The journey with writing and startup business is never an easy process. So we have to sacrifice a lot of things to kickstart our journey as an entrepreneur. And the most important thing in Entrepreneurship is having the right consulting and guidance.

A few of us only get the right guidance. And I was the one among those who never got the right consulting. Neither I had a huge amount of capital nor I had the right strategies to get my book published and run my business.

These lack of proper guidance and mentorship has created much troubles for our business. But somehow we managed and lived with the struggles we had. We have well experienced the need, so here we are with the solution. Many business and startups couldn't afford huge consulting brands therefore we came as a supporting partner to serve their needs under valuable costs. 

Behind Academic Internship Program

We give equal importance to our business and Academic Internship Program together.  We have well experienced the need of a highly effective program for growing talents. There are some big names who well manage these programs but the numbers are very less and many students remained off the boundary.

With our corporate charge academic internship program, we expand our numbers as much as we can.

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