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Academic Internship Program

A Program to Bridge the Gap Between College Life and Corporate

Academic Internship Program

Hey there! Greetings, and thank you so much for showing interest in learning more about our “Academic Internship Program.”

The Academic Internship Program has always been one of our initiatives, full of passion and enthusiasm. Back in the year 2017, we realized the very hard truth which every college student has to go through. This initiative emerged out of the problems faced by college students in internships. 

It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to the program. It’s a first baby step at Knack Ardour, driven by values, dedication, and commitment.  Every month we welcome new talents from different corners of India.  We are an equal-opportunity organization and are interested in your inner qualities. 

We would like to share some of the important concepts of the Academic Internship Program:

  • It aims to bridge the gap between the corporate world and college life.
  • Focus more on ethics and values as a core component 
  • Driven by a spirit between the trainee and trainer.
  • Introduces you to the latest management style to grow in every field.
  • And most importantly, the ability to find design thinking solutions. 

So are you excited to be a part of us? Please click here to take this journey ahead.

Note: You will be working under one brand, “Knack Ardour.” We only select interns through the Internshala platform and no other places.

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Academic Internship Program

The academic Internship Program is a middle journey between college life and corporate life.

We study a lot of things in our college life, but do we know how to implement our skills practically? This is where the “Academic Internship Program” comes into the picture.

It enables fresh graduates or college students to get corporate experience and learning practical skills. 

What's so special about our Academic Internsip Program?

Knack Ardour’s Academic Internship Program is truly one of its kind in India. We provide a good learning and growth environment to students. We enable them to learn and adapt to the latest changes.

However, this is not where our journey ends. We make them more aware of work ethics, values, and employment ethics. This is how our program leads to contribute in the overall growth and productivity. 

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Free Consultation

We are now providing free consultations to brands. Just contact us and we will plan a schedule together. 


Knack Ardour’s Academic Internship Program is a program to bridge the gap between the college life and corporate world.  It aims to upskill students to make them compatible in corporate world. 

Academic Internship Program ranges from 4 Weeks to 12 Weeks. 

No, Academic Internship Program is not a paid course. We select students on the basis of minimum criteria and reward them as per their performance. 

Knack Ardour is a registered brand under Government of India Trademarks Act, 1999. We have the authority to conduct training and issue certificate for the same. 

We reward our interns with fixed as well as variable stipend. Each of our internship application contains the renumeration details.