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Academic Internship Program

Academic Internship Program

Hey there!

Greetings, and thank you so much for landing here. My name is Aayush Verma, and today I'll tell you about "Academic Internship Program."

Academic Internship Program has always been one of our initiatives, full of passion and enthusiasm. Back in the year 2016, I realized the very hard truth which every college student has to go through. This initiative emerged out of the problems faced by college students in internships. 


This gives me an immense pleasure in introducing you with the program. It's a first baby steps at Knack Ardour which is driven by values, dedication and your commitment.  Every month we welcome new talents from different corners of India.  We are an equal opportunity organization and interested in your inner qualities. 


I would like to share some of the key concepts of Academic Internship Program:

-Aims to bridge the gap between corporate world and college life.

-Focus more on ethics and values as a core component 

-Driven by a spirit between the trainee and trainer.

-Introduces you to latest management style to grow in every field.

-And most importantly, the ability to find design thinking solutions. 


So are you excited to be a part of us? Please click here to take this journey ahead.

Note: You will be working under one brand which is "Knack Ardour". We only select interns through the Internshala platform and no other places. 

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