Content Consulting solution is the process of creating content strategy for brands. It involves helping companies in preparing and implementing the content strategies. Content Consulting companies study the brand, its goals, its rivals, and the industry. After doing so, they put brainstorming content ideas for a brand. 

The motto of content consulting companies is to make the brands take the most out of content. It helps them meet their target audience’s needs in a planned manner. The strategies are prepared in a way to become the storehouse of the industry. This makes the brand get introduced to a large target audience. People start recognizing the brand and may look for it while requiring any services. 

Who is a Content Consultant?

A content consultant is an experienced professional who knows every content field. They are people who have worked in various industries. Content consultants tend to provide competitive solutions to clients. They act as a project executive in training the team about the project and also keeping the clients in loop with the project progress. 

(Kotlers is a team of top content consultants from various industries like technology, business solutions, ed-tech, etc). 

The Need for Content Consulting Solution in India

Content Consulting solutions are required by every business in India. With content consulting, a business can become enriched with a competitive content strategy.

Here are some of the reasons why content consulting is required: 

  • Helps to engage with target audience.
  • Build high potential contents on the brand page/website.
  • Let’s You Buzz out your brand products and solutions.
  • Create a good brand identity in target audience. 
  • Deliver valuable and qualitative contents. 

Having a content consulting solution will help you meet the major challenges of the industry. Content consultants tend to take care of quality considerations. So you won’t be facing bad experiences like spin contents which damage the business reputation. 

The Content Consulting Process

Content Consulting Solution

Each brand adopts a different content consulting process. At Kotlers, we have a five step process to content consulting. 

Step 1: We receive your entry on our website. (You can apply for free consultatio here). 

Step 2: We start working on conducting a research, gathering out industry problems and solutions.

Step 3: We create a content consulting plan based on the research. 

Step 4: Our content consultants discuss the content strategy with you. We ask for your feedback and approval.

Step 5: Upon approval, our content consultants initiate your project and keep sharing you the progress reports. 

Key Benefits of Content Consulting Solution

Content Consulting solutions has a lot of benefits and advantages. Once you give the project to a content consulting agency, then they take care of each and everything. 

Here are some of the major benefits of content consulting solutions:

  • Prepare a competitive content strategy for your brand.
  • Lets your plan work in line with the industry standards.
  • Conduct high level research for delivering valuable contents.
  • Invests time in understanding your target audience. 
  • Work with top content writers to write effective contents.
  • Have a proper quality control mechanism to ensure content quality.
  • Maintain transparency with content goals. 

Content Writing vs. Content Consulting 

A content writing plan deals with writing effective contents based on topics. It requires conducting specific research on the topics assigned to them. Content writers work on the plans which is prepared by consultants or executives. 

However, a content consulting is a broader field which starts with research, and ends with execution. Content Consultants prepares plans and works on it where as content writers work on the plans and implement it.

In short, content consultants are the planners and writers are the ones who bring it into action. 

The Cost of Content Consulting Solution in India

Content Consulting solutions in India is affordable considering the fact that it takes care of each and every content process. The cost of content consulting is dynamic and varies. It depends upon your requirements and duration. 

We provide an affordable content consulting solution for every brands. However, we need to understand your content project requirements. You can apply for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and create a pricing for your brands. 

India’s Best Content Consulting Solutions

We are one of India’s best content consulting solution provider. We have our unique approach and design thinking strategy which makes us different from others. Our consultants have years of experience in handling content relations. Quality considerations has been our major concern for content consulting.

We have set a unique content planning and quality analysis. This helps us to safeguard the digital property of our clients.

Free Content Consultation for Your Brand

Are you looking for a content consulting solution? We have an offer for you. You can request for a free consultation by filling up the form below. 


How does content consulting help businesses?

Content Consulting solutions create an effective content strategy which can help business to grow into a brand. It helps to engage the target audience and increase the brand engagement. 

Are writers the consultants?

Writers and consultants are different things. But a writer with experience and industry knowledge can become a consultant in his/her field. 

How does a consultant help me with content strategy? 

Content Consultants know what is needed by your target audience. They are planning experts and capable of delivering qualitative solutions for your brand. 

Are consultants aware of my industry? 

Yes, content consultants know what’s happening in and around your industry. We have industry specialist consultants who bring competitive solutions for you. 

Will content consultation help me to bring revenue?

Content Consultants have no role to play in revenue. However, it can promise you a good engagement with your target audience.

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