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Corporate Crossing Program

Corporate Crossing Program

Welcome to the Corporate Crossing Program. A crossing where the corporate world meets the academic life. A program exclusively created for management students.

CCP is a 4-weeks training program exclusively created for market enthusiasts. This program as the name says is exclusively for students who want to make a career in business growth and development. 

This program is one of the initiatives aired by Knack Ardour (check out Academic Internship Program) too.


These 4 weeks of training program start right from where your academic theories end. We love to put things into practice and make you habitual for the same. A mix of ideas and execution is going to take place, so get yourself ready for it.


Some of the program highlights are: 

-Training on Lead Generation, Customer Retention, and Business Development

-Managing client interaction and coordinating with the team for the client's sample

-Leveraging technology and data to generate maximum output

-Successful Conversion: On Best Performance


So are you excited to be a part of us? Please click here to take this journey ahead.

Note: You will be working under one brand which is "Knack Ardour". We only select interns through the Internshala platform and no other places. 

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