Corporate Crossing Program

Corporate Crossing Program

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Corporate Crossing Program

Corporate Crossing Program is our next milestone for all the academic students. It is a well designated 4-weeks program to welcome the new business development talents from across the country. Our motto is to provide an enrich experience of working in business development field at Knack Ardour.  

Our students taking part in this program will witness a real working environment in business development and practice different ideas and strategies for business sales. It is planned to provide a real life experience as well a potential opportunity to make a scalable career in our organisation. 

Our mission behind this “Corproate Crossing Program” is to witness the true potential graduates in this domain and make them level up themselves. There is always a growth potential working at Knack Ardour. All you need is to “start with a mindset and positive attitude”. We look forward to witness your growth stories. 

Why Students Need Corporate Crossing Program?

Corporate Crossing Program is an exclusively corporate learning program created for new business talents.  The program focuses on training business students and making them grow in this corporate world. We have a equal policy for everyone who wishes to learn in our organization. 


Here are some of the extensive features of this program:


-Introducing think tanks in business world: The new age problems need new age solutions. The creative and fresh minds will be the new age design thinkers for your business. 


-Exclusive Growth oriented syllabus: The Corporate Crossing Program will be exclusively created to take you to next level in business world.  The program will  focus on academic as well as corporate goals. 


-Corporate Exposure: The students will get a real corporate exposure under your business domain. The future experienced leaders can be selected out of this creative team. 

Corporate Crossing Program

Grow Together With Us

Are you interested to join our Corporate Crossing Program? It will be a rich exposure of learning and growth. 

Reach out to us to check our current requirements. We have an ongoing program throughout the year. 

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