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How To Grow Customer Traction?

Customer Traction

Starting a new business can be overwhelming. There are a lot of sectors that demand your attention and efforts. One such field includes traction. You must focus on customer traction if you are new to the business world.

What is customer traction?

Customer traction is the progress and momentum of a startup company. It is indeed a vital metric for your business. If your firm has traction, it indicates obvious evidence that it is feasible and that you have achieved some level of product or market fit. 

To demonstrate traction, you do not need to be profitable, but you must be able to demonstrate consistent growth.

If you have customer traction, this signifies that you have invested in paying customers. This is accompanied by a growing customer base which signals an increasing market share.

There have been quite a few instances where people start a business but fail to monitor it, eventually leading to its failure. Customer tractions are necessary to track their activities, what they like/dislike, how well is the business working, and much more.

These parameters are essential to ensure the smooth functioning of your business.

How to increase customer traction?

Identifying the problems

Interaction is the feedback of any successful business. A prospering business tries to identify and solve the problems of its customers and design its products accordingly. 

You can solve your problems effectively by asking yourself, how will things work out if the problem was solved. Try to think out of the box and come up with innovative and creative ideas.

If your business successfully manages to solve the problems people are facing, you will grow in no time.

Promote Unique Content

It’s always good to have original material, but you must get it in front of as many people as possible. Native content advertising lets you get your material in front of the right people. One such method for advertising your content is Revcontent, which just purchased Content Click. It works by letting visitors continue reading an article or go on to explore other recommended material on the publisher’s website, which promotes audience engagement.

Advertisers offer the rest of the recommended material. Users interested in a specific topic are presented with your material to choose from. If they are interested in your material, they will click on it and view it. This is an excellent way to target visitors with certain interests. This advertising approach is gaining popularity among marketers and is a rapidly developing adtech sector.

Don’t get distracted by figures

Have you found yourself in a situation where you are misguided by the number of people visiting your site? If yes, you need to shift your focus and drive it to sales. It is sales that provide an accurate count of customer traction and will provide some helpful insights into your business. For instance, the number of people visiting your website is appreciated, but how many of them turn into real customers is what will help your business.

Mark your presence

It takes years for brands to mark their presence in the ever-flowing market. If you are starting, remember that your audience will not know about you or the kind of work you do. 

You need to inform them about you at every opportunity you get. This is achieved by emailing, social media marketing- ads, reaching out to influencers, Or giving out some free samples in exchange for honest feedback. 

Statistics and Analytics

There can’t be enough stress laid on how much important is monitoring. Keep a regular check on what your customers are doing, what are their demands, and how are they liking your new products. 

Or what is the CTR, how many customers read the emails, how many turn into your customers, what is the re-order rate, and much more. 

If you keep an analysis of these sectors, it will help you to grow by figuring out what is working out for you and what is not.

Challenges faced in the process

The boat will not sail smoothly all along. You will discover and find many obstacles in the process. What are these problems one encounter in the process of growing customer traction? 

Building trust

This is probably the most challenging obstacle for any new business to overcome. With all the existing options out there in the market that have already gained the trust of the audience, why should they switch to you? 

This is where performance and marketing come into play. What does your product have, that beats every other option in the respective field. How are you marketing your business, which is different from all others? 

Once you gain the trust of your audience, they will switch to you in no time.

Understanding the market

Before starting your business, ask yourself do the people need your product, why are you designing it, and what purpose will it fulfill which is not already done?

Understanding the needs and demands of the audience is necessary as it will set the path for your business. 

For example, if you start a bottle business, what edge does your product have which fails all other potential options. Maybe, it is made by using copper, ensuring the beverage’s temperature inside. Its outer design could be high-quality print promoting native art, it could be a sustainable option, promising the protection of the environment. 

Before going all in the market make sure that your product answers all the W’s and H’s.

Spreading the word

Your audience will not be built by some miracle. It takes time and effort for any business to spread the word to the audience. There are ways to do the same but no shortcuts. The most popular and perhaps efficient is digital marketing. With social media spreading its roots all over the place, make the best use of it. For starters, you can reach out to influencers, one thing is given that if they have such a dedicated fanbase, they already have the trust factor, now you just need to ask them to promote their product. 

Traditional marketing can also come in handy if your business is age-proof. Posters, banners, business cards, etc. 

What is the right way to get customer traction?

One of the tactics for gaining momentum rapidly might be to educate clients using textual, visual, or audio information. Many firms generate content for their company but have not seen any returns from using this strategy. The reason for this is that the proper material is not being produced through the right channels and is not being sought by the audience. To develop and publish content for startups that drives growth, entrepreneurs must create material that supports the business, educates end users, and promotes the company as a competitor to watch in their respective sectors.

A potential buyer will need to locate your website to obtain all pertinent information about your product or service. The company’s website serves as an interface. As a result, having an appealing user-friendly website with all important material upfront would be advantageous in the beginning to gain momentum for your organization. This is the initial step. The second phase and a key traction tactic is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It aids in increasing the visibility of your website on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.

This has been the standard for startups since it levels the playing field for companies and their rivals. However, developing an appealing website and obtaining momentum through SEO is only the beginning; there is still a long way to go. This is one of the reasons why most businesses fail to get momentum; it is not due to a poor product, but rather poor distribution.

Marketing efforts

Like any other thing, your marketing strategy needs to be well planned and organized. You can try many ways to do the same and find out which works best for you and your business. Email-marketing and digital platforms are common and can be treated like given what else can be done to achieve your goals.


The first step is to identify your target audience. What people will be interested in actually buying your product? You can then run a background check on them(within the boundaries of privacy) and organize workshops or events(which can be online as well). 

Use this as a medium to promote your brand, educate people about what news you bring to the table, give out some samples and let them be the judge. 

Events like this will not popularise your brand but also provide you feedback to improve your loopholes. Shooting two birds with an arrow.

Take a risk

Instead of waiting for people to come to you, take your stuff to them. Attending events to promote your products, and demo at any big event was not only a smart idea, but it also drew thousands of potential new consumers without spending a fortune on promotion. 

However, they are typical ways of gaining traction. However, to acquire exposure, you must occasionally be unconventional. One of the finest methods to present your firm to potential clients and garner media attention is through publicity stunts and creative marketing strategies.

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