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Why Is It Important to Have Influencer Marketing Guidelines?

For the purpose of apparently protecting consumers from paid advertisements, the central government will probably develop guidelines for social media influencers. The policies should be ready either by next week or in ten days.

According to sources cited by Mirror Now, the rules may require that all promotional content be disclosed, failing which a monetary fine may be levied. The procedure will follow CCPA guidelines. Press Trust of India was informed by sources that social media influencers who have big followings on social media sites like Instagram promote products in exchange for payments from the companies. Read the article below to know more about it. 

Ethics of marketing

A company’s values—honesty, transparency, accountability, or adherence to fair trade principles—can be highlighted as a marketing tactic by using ethical marketing. Through order to connect with target customers who share similar values, these businesses express their business ethics in marketing materials. While ethical marketing teams are concerned with promoting a good or service and turning a profit, they also want to uphold their moral principles.

What makes marketing ethics crucial?

Consumer protection: Ethical marketing frequently entails educating consumers about the risks associated with goods and services and preserving everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing. For companies that sell goods that could have negative impacts or be dangerous, achieving this goal is very crucial.

Support the well-being of employees: While many marketers concentrate their ethical methods on consumers, it’s crucial for them to support the wellbeing of marketing and other business personnel as well. This can entail offering appropriate work schedules and paying workers a fair wage.

Guidelines for social media influencers

  1. According to sources cited by Mirror Now, the rules may require that all promotional content be disclosed, failing which a monetary fine may be levied. The procedure will follow CCPA guidelines. The fine may be as much as Rs. 10 lakh for a single offence or Rs. 20 lakh for several violations.
  1. The self-regulatory body for the advertising industry, the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI), established a rule last year stating that any influencer posting a video or photo in a promotional format must clearly state “advertisement,” “Paid,” or the partnership label tag that Instagram permits.
  1. The consumer affairs ministry is now expected to prevent user misdirection. The intent of the rules is to ensure that the messaging makes it clear whether or not the content is being used for paid marketing.

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Why are such regulations needed?

There are a number of reasons why the government needs to change the features of Instagram. First and foremost, the platform is increasingly being used by young people to share images and videos of themselves engaging in risky behaviour. This includes everything from drug use to self-harm, and it is becoming a major concern for parents and educators.

Secondly, Instagram is being used as a tool for cyberbullying. More and more young people are being harassed and bullied online, and Instagram is one of the main platforms where this is happening. The government needs to take action to make the platform safer for users.

Thirdly, there is a growing problem of online scams and fraud on Instagram. Many users are being tricked into giving away personal information or money to scammers, and this is something that needs to be addressed.

Fourthly, Instagram is being used to spread false information and fake news. This is a major concern, as it can lead to people believing in misinformation and making bad decisions based on it.

Finally, there is a need for greater regulation of advertising on Instagram. Many young people are being exposed to harmful or inappropriate ads, and this needs to be changed.


It seems that every day Instagram announces a new feature or test and you may feel overwhelmed by trying to keep up. If you’re posting to Instagram for your brand or as an agency for multiple brands, it’s worth knowing the key rules of the game. Prevention is better than the cure especially when it comes to blocked ad accounts!

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