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Internship Planning - A Smoother Sail For Young Talents

Internship Planning

We talked to 100’s corporate partners together and were happy to find out that all of them wanted to conduct internship programs. But there were lots of challenges which they went through.


Some of the major challenges were:

-Training Cost: Training new talents require strong planning and cost. 

-Stipend: Stipend becomes a liability if talent cannot perform as per plans.

-Time: The time crisis and engagement in hiring and selecting interns and turning to failure.


A lot of bad experiences had stopped the brands from welcoming the college students. This is where we came into picture. We bridge the gap between these problems and create cost effective “Internship Program” for your brand. We also assure that interns will be able to generate output and deliver values.

This is how the concept of Academic Internship Program came out. Today, only a few corporates run such initiatives, and growing brands refrain from it due to the above concerns. We assure you that we’ll be building one together. 


So why to wait? Let’s chalk out an internship program for your brand. Contact us here.

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