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Market Research Solutions

Industry Specific Market Research Solutions for Your Brand

Market Research Solutions

India has experienced massive competitiveness since the introduction of Globalization. It has developed a growth environment for foreign as well as domestic companies. A lot of foreign companies chose India as their broader market. Domestic companies, on the other hand, grew together. 

New India has witnessed emerging startup culture with various programs like Startup India and entrepreneurship spirit. Today, India is experiencing tremendous growth both in numbers and data.

So it becomes essential to have the right measure to become competitive in this challenging environment. We are a group of consultants and market enthusiasts who help you leverage your business potential with research and data.

We believe that this competitive environment is opportunistic. We can make it happen together with adequate research, analysis, and implementation.


Here’s what we offer:

-Survey Designing and Planning

-Survey Research and Analysis

-Product Research Analysis

-Pricing Analysis

-Industry Analysis

-E-commerce Analysis

-Consulting and Advisory 


 We also provide customized marketing solutions for your business. Contact us here. You can now get a free consultation by filling up the form below. 

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How Market Research Helps Business?

Market Research is a crucial aspect that involves doing a current study of the market. Market Research is an important activity that must be done before launching any new product or expanding your business. New businesses also require market research to target their brand in a better way.

Key Benefits:

  • Helps in making right strategies
  • Helps to advertise and promote products/services accordingly
  • Helps understand the target audience data in a better way (like income, preferences, etc.)
  • Helps to understand the competition or scope/loophole in the industry. 


How Knack Ardour Helps in Market Research?

Knack Ardour caters to the needs of the brands in a customized manner. We have industry experts who keep themselves updated with the latest trends. Our professionals are highly experienced in research activities. 

We have worked with many brands with research aspects and conducted various studies to make sound decisions. We believe in complete transparency and authorization from research participants. Each of our reports and data is backed up by ground-level research. 

It is very simple to connect with us. You can contact us for a free consultation, and then our team will be back soon. 

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Here's Why To Choose Us As Your Market Research Partner

Experienced Reseacher

Our team consists of experienced reseachers and analysts who have records of doing research activities in various industries.

Strategy Making

Our journey doesn't ends with research. We hand hold your association and play active role in creating strategies for your brand.

Quality Assurance

We do cross sectional study and various cross metrics to make sure the data and research activities are reliable and accurate.

Target Market Study

We work in your concentrated and specfic market to make sure we are able to cater needs of your brand.

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Free Consultation

We are now providing free consultations to brands. Just contact us and we will plan a schedule together. 


Market Research Solutions are required at different stages in business like growth, expansion, product launch, etc. It helps the brands to make right strategies. 

Market Research cost depends on the project and they are customised pricing to meet the requirements of each unique research. 

We share research reports and raw data. We believe transparency is an important aspect in our long term association. 

We provide complete market research solution as per the need of the business. However, execution of a research data plays a major role in business success. 

You can apply for a free consultation using our website.