SaaS Industry in India

The demand for the SaaS industry in India has been ever-increasing over the years and is only about to grow even more in the years to come. The presence of the internet has made the world a smaller place. All kinds of services and facilities are being made available to people even in the most remote corners of the globe. 

In layman’s terms, SaaS platforms provide certain software services over the internet to another party.  It has been proven to be quite beneficial to businesses in obtaining their growth targets, and many businesses have grown and provided their services digitally, making their presence known in the worldwide market. With more and more people using the internet to conduct most of their businesses, the more it gives these businesses operating under the SaaS to expand their roots and boost their business.

As an individual or customer, one doesn’t need to concern themselves with the application’s functionality as one has no control over the SaaS service-providing platform. All the control towards its functionality and decisions lies with the service provider and the businesses. As an individual customer, you just have to sit back and enjoy the experience, and the services conform to your needs. 

Because of the pandemic and people being stuck within the walls of their houses gave a new breath to the SaaS providers, as the utilization of their services saw an incredible rise in their customer base. 

India has proven that it has very accommodating policies for SaaS start-ups. Because the Indian economy is so supportive of their functionality, many enterprises are prospering in the SaaS industry. Many businesses are thriving in the Indian economy owing to the growth prospects and friendly environment towards the SaaS platforms. Below mentioned are a few of the leading SaaS businesses in the country.

Let us take a look at what exactly SaaS entails and how it has grown over the years.

What is SaaS Industry in India?

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SaaS, or software as a service, is a method of distributing applications across the web as a service, to put it simply. You can simply access applications through the Web without having to deal with complicated computer and software requirements, sparing you the time and effort of setting up and operating it.

SaaS can be donned is an acronym for a cloud computing platform and a method of distributing programs all over the Web. It allows consumers to create the server, download the program, and administer it instead of using the normal software installation process in a professional context.

The cloud distribution framework allows SaaS functionality. One independent software vendor may hire a cloud service provider to serve the app in the supplier’s server farm, or a software provider may host the app and accompanying metadata employing its systems, data, connectivity, and computational prowess. Every gadget with a data connection will be capable of running the app. Internet connections are frequently utilized to visit SaaS apps. 

With that being said, there are several advantages to operating under SaaS. Upgrades to SaaS software are customized for each individual or business and are regularly safeguarded during updates. It permits limitless program adaptation for any client to pay attention to their individual processes and systems without jeopardizing the network protocol. SaaS provides snappier delivery of systems and flexibility of usage, considering the service itself is configured and set up. Customers can instantly get the app ready for operation by establishing the host inside the cloud. The licensing options for SaaS are very flexible, and its content applications are designed solely to cater to the requirements of each enterprise.

Benefits of SaaS Services in India

SaaS solutions can help businesses tremendously with their functioning and growth. Their reach is far and wide, encompassing the whole planet. Individuals from any corner of the world can avail of their services with just the click of a button over the internet. SaaS services have made it quite simpler for businesses as well to have a smoother transition into the ways of the new age of the economy. SaaS services have become quite an essential aspect for any business to be able to boost its reach and achieve great heights in the growth of its corporations.

Easy Upgradation- The application is modified or upgraded from time to time to enhance performance by the SaaS provider and made visible to its consumers. Unlike the traditional paradigm, which usually entails you to purchase and deploy systems install, the charges and labor required with upgrades and brand-new developments are minimal.

Compatible with Various Devices- Any networking device can be employed to browse SaaS apps, aiming to make it the perfect option for customers who are using a multitude of machines but who don’t consistently access the usual machine.

Costs Reduction- Businesses do not require to spend exorbitant amounts of funds to get their services over the internet. Industrial production, packing, warehousing, or transporting are not involved for SaaS companies. In contrast to conventional software that necessitates hardware as well as setup requirements, SaaS software can very well be dispersed and launched substantially very speedily.

Highly Customizable- The structure of SaaS, modifications is specific for every corporation or individual and is consistently protected during modifications. It facilitates unlimited program personalization for each consumer to accommodate their distinct systems and processes without compromising the shared network. As a result, SaaS hosts can offer modifications increasingly routinely, with dramatically reduced implementation expenses and decreased client vulnerability.

Accessibility- A SaaS program can be viewed anywhere via using a cloud device because it is not constrained to downloads on specified Computer systems. A breakthrough in accessing data from any web-connected computer, while also facilitating the ability to control and track data usage sustaining that everybody accesses the very same content simultaneously. The platform will be an identical model for each user, rendering interaction clearer.

As user numbers remain high, India’s massive clientele and innovative ethos are clearing the path for the development of buyer Server applications.

SaaS Industry in India Growth Over the Years

The region’s venture funds hit $4.8 billion in 2021, reflecting that the SaaS industry in India has surpassed a pivotal apex. After China and the United States, India currently has the third-largest SaaS ecosystem worldwide. SaaS start-ups established in India have witnessed considerable advances in recent years, as digitalization climbs every year due to an increasingly virtual domain. By 2025, the Indian SaaS industry is forecasted to have magnified from its existing capacity of 2-4 percent, dreaming up approximately 7-10 percent of the global SaaS field. By 2026, it is predicted that India will surpass China to replace it as the foremost SaaS market, buoyed by potential predictors such as friendly policy frameworks for innovators, an ample supply of leverage, digitally trained manpower, and easy business setup opportunity.

With the rising adoption of software-as-a-service solutions by Indian Small and medium businesses and companies throughout all domains, as well as robust development from the international economy, SaaS profits in India have already been experiencing a yearly growth of 20%. Owing to research by the venture capital firm Bessemer Venture Partners, predicts that the Indian SaaS sector would be worth $50 billion by 2030. The SaaS market, which is worth significantly US$2.6 billion, is predicted to expand 20 times its existing size by 2030, reaching US$50–70 billion in sales.

The proliferation of devices for business reasons and the quickening of automation are major causes pushing innovation. As these fundamental trends escalate, the entrepreneurial sector has begun to pay attention to India’s SaaS market.


Each corporation increasingly leans on intelligence to remain afloat and use technologies that seem to be prospective to preserve their information secure and accessible to be utilized in given circumstances. Information storage and retrieval have been made smoother and more effective with the ubiquitous application of the internet. Furthermore, organizations may utilize their data everywhere and whenever required.  But it is obligatory to administer, control, and keep your information safe while simultaneously keeping an eye on the security of your personal and vital information. 

New SaaS ventures have a boatload of possibilities in the Indian market since enterprises there are leveraging innovation progressively to enhance nimbleness. Today’s Indian SaaS firms serve a substantial industry of start-ups in the digital age and micro-enterprises- enterprises. A favorable macroeconomic backdrop and strong investor enthusiasm from both domestic and international investors, who are promoting Indian SaaS services in the international market, go in tandem with the business demands giving way to enhancing the SaaS growth spectrum in the country.


Blog by: Gauri Srivastava

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