Print on Demand is an excellent method to produce goods on demand. With the POD method, you can now build your own business. You just need to make use of your creativity and follow the trend. In this blog, we will discuss in detail what is print on demand, how to build your print-on-demand business, and grow.

What is Print on Demand?

Print on Demand is a method for printing products on demand. It means that the product is planned but not yet produced. It is created once the demand is generated for the particular product. For example: When someone places an order, the product goes into printing and gets a final check. Once it’s done, the product is then shipped to the customer location.

POD helps business owners save a lot of money as they do not have to invest huge amounts in preparing and managing an inventory.

How to build a business with Print on Demand?

Building a business with POD is a very easy process. I’m explaining this in a very simple process below.

#1 Choose your product

POD has lots of products on its list (I have mentioned 5 such best products in the next section of this blog). You need to select the particular product in which you want to build your business.

You must prefer your choices when choosing your product. Because you need a lot of creativity in this field. Therefore, your choice matters the most.’

#2 Build Your eCommerce Store

The next step involves building your eCommerce store. You can create your store on Amazon, Flipkart, and other e-commerce channels. Also, you can make your eCommerce store using Shopify, a great e-commerce platform for everyone. 

Also, you can build your own website if you want to start your brand from scratch. You need to find a hosting provider which is reliable and faster. I trust Hostinger which is a great reliable hosting service provider. It’s been 5 years of using it and the experience is really wowsome. 

Once you have bought the hosting, you need to consult with a website development company that can build a perfect eCommerce website. 

#3 Start Building Your Print on Demand Store

Now give a shape to your store. Start designing your own eCommerce store. Add products, and images and list your products online. Be as creative as you can. 

You can also take our free consultation to build your own store. We will help you with the right tools, and technologies that you can utilize and create your site. 

If you need more details about it, then you can learn more about eCommerce store optimization.

#4 Start Designing Your Print on Demand Store

Remember that POD is all about creativity. In POD, there is a white-colored product available that gets printed as per your desire. So you need to create unique and trendy designs that customers will love.

For example, let’s talk about a t-shirt POD. You need to create your own unique designs and add them to your eCommerce channels. 

Once the order comes, it will go to the printing hub, which will print and send it to your customers. Or you can take the products and ship them to your customers. You can use various services like Shiprocket, Bluedart, DTDC, etc.

Print on Demand

5 Profitable Print on Demand Business Ideas

So which POD business to start? Let’s see some 5 best profitable POD business ideas to start and earn more.

#1 T-shirt Printing

Why do I love t-shirt printing so much? I’m a big fan of wearing T-shirts and I’m not the only one to showcase this love. Be it youths or kids, everyone loves wearing T-shirts. 

Nowadays, fashionable design t-shirts are trending all across the country. People are now purchasing trendy design t-shirts. Do you know how much sale the SakthLaunda t-shirt made? You will be shocked to know that the number is in lakhs. Similarly, there are many more trendy names and designs which is creating a buzz in the market.

If you are able to understand this trend properly, there will always be a winning situation for your business. 

#2 Coffee Mugs

Gifting a coffee mug has become one of the special memories for everyone. Nowadays, there is a great trend for customised coffee mugs. You can too start selling custom coffee mugs along with other gifting items. 

It’s a great business and growing at a rapid pace all across the country. 

#3 Wall Stickers

Who doesn’t want to decorate their homes? Wall stickers are the best way to decorate homes in a feasible manner. You just need to build your own design and get it printed. You can also build a customizable option for the customer who wishes to have their own design sets. 

Have a room for both these options. 

#4 Gifting Products

The gifting season is no longer limited to festivals. Be it a birthday, wedding, or anniversary, gifting is and will always be demanding. Gifting is a way to make relationships flourish and make sweet memories with each other. 

You can provide custom printing and gifting options which can include: custom mugs, t-shirts, watches, etc. There are many vendors who provide customizable printing options too. You can combine them and build a beautiful gifting collection. P.S. Do not forget to add chocolates, snakes, and other eatables in the collection.

#5 Backpacks

It might sound a little bit different, but there is a huge market for backpacks in India. You can supply custom backpacks to many corporate businesses, and also to ecommerce marketplace.

You can also bring some modifications and start making academic bags. The coaching industry itself is a huge consumer of such custom bags. With lakhs of students spread across many coaching brands, you can not imagine how big potential this industry has! 


We have now discussed about POD business and hope that you will build a good profit with it. Print on Demand Business has a lot of potential but you need to analyse the market and make the move accordingly. All the best for your business.

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